The seasons change ... We see earlier sunsets as the days "dwindle down."

Summer turns to winter, and all too soon the heat of summer acquiesces to the windy snows.

Earth rotates daily on a central axis, pursuing a prescribed solar rotation ... another reminder that life goes on, and some things are beyond our control.

Some things we discern are within our power to change.

Some things are constant ... unalterable.

Although we must never become weary in well doing, "for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not" (Galatians 6:9), nature is a constant reminder there are inevitable consequences we cannot avoid.

A mother watched her little boy climbing up on the ladder below a tree in his garden with pieces of duct tape, fastening fallen leaves back onto the lonely branch stems of the tree that had yielded them to the ground below .

When she asked him about this rather ambitious activity, he responded, "Mom, remember when I asked you what Fall season is?"

She recalled his question and her answer about the 4 seasons, and that in the
Fall season, the leaves fall from the trees.

"Well, Mom," He answered, "I heard you and Daddy talking about my sick little brother who is not expected to live past next Fall, and I am taping the leaves back onto the tree, hoping to make his life a little longer."

It would be wonderful if we could somehow improve the inevitable forward sweep of time, change the future, and write our own ending to the script.

But life goes on, and it is up to us to trust the Heavenly Father to live each day as we follow those trails that lead us around the bend.  These are the times we sing  "Trust and obey ... for there's no other way to be happy in Jesus."

"Dear Lord,
When confronted with the inevitable motion that guides us forward, may I be willing to improve those things within my power to change, but also trust You to accept those things beyond my power, knowing You do all things well and for my good."

"While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease."
-- Genesis 8:22

© Paul E. Kealy, 2003